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Website Design

Creative Nuts is a UI/UX design agency that seamlessly combines minimalistic design, strategic planning, and practicality, placing the user's needs at the core of the web design and development process.

Branding & design

As UI/UX design specialists, we excel in creating branding designs that leave a lasting impact on your customers. Our unique logos and corporate identity designs encompass all the essential elements to captivate and engage your audience.

Mobile App Design

Through our complete software product design services, we help identify the need for new software or improvements to existing projects. This involves conducting market research, performing business analysis, and implementing UI/UX design principles to ensure a comprehensive solution.

Product Design

With our UI/UX design expertise, our product design team will work closely with you to craft the ideal look and feel for your Web or Mobile project. This collaboration aims to enhance user loyalty and establish a unique identity that sets your project apart from competitors.


We specialize in UI/UX design to bring your digital products, services, and interactive experiences from initial ideas to successful implementation. Our turnkey solutions ensure a smooth process, guiding you through the entire journey from ideation to realization.

Logo & Identity

With our UI/UX design expertise, we create visual brand identity materials that deeply resonate with your target audience, accelerating the achievement of your positioning goals.

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With our expertise in UI/UX design, we create captivating brands and digital experiences that shape culture and propel brands towards unparalleled growth. Since our inception, we have been committed to delivering strategies and services that empower our clients to thrive in today's ever-changing and dynamic landscape.

About Company

Our UI/UX design team excels at integrating and executing ideas with our skilled developers and technical producers.

We understand the importance of good design in digital success. Our people-first, appealing, and pleasant designs address the needs of modern businesses and enterprises. We offer comprehensive UI/UX services that include branding, responsive web design, mobile app design, user experience consulting, and promotional designs using the latest tools and technologies.

With a unique blend of modern technologies and innovative approaches, we create responsive and adaptive designs with uniform cross-platform compatibility. We understand what it takes to build a brand from the design perspective and help deliver the same using modern tools and ways of thinking.

Effective UI/UX design works
wonders for optimized products.
Accessible Design

Our certified UI/UX designers prioritize design accessibility as a core element of user experience, not just a checklist.

Multi-platform Design

With UI/UX design, we ensure consistency by repeating visual elements and maintaining consistent spacing across platforms and screen sizes.

From prototype to motion design

With our UI/UX design expertise, our experienced team will guide your project from concept to multiple seamless product iterations.

Full Scope of Design Services

We aim to deliver a flawless customer experience through intuitive and engaging UI/UX design solutions for complex systems.

Experience with Mixed Realities

With UI/UX design expertise, our skilled specialists can craft a fully immersive experience, transporting users to entirely new environments.

Profiling of your Users

Rest assured, every user demand is carefully addressed through meticulous A/B testing, thorough competitor analysis, and design concept validations, backed by years of proven UI/UX expertise.

Specialized in brand strategy and digital creation

Professional ui ux design company in bangalore

UI/UX Design Pipeline

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  • Workshops
  • Business requirements
  • References
  • Customer journey Maps
  • User Personas


  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Visual design
  • Data visualization


  • Usability testing
  • Emotional response testing
  • Focus groups
  • Accessibility evaluation


  • Design quality control
  • Editing and fixing

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UI&UX Design Company in Bangalore

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Experience excellence with CreativeNuts, the top UI/UX design company in Bangalore. We craft captivating digital experiences for your success.

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